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Merc@DUAL Solidario is an online supermarket aimed at the vulnerable and under privileged population in Spain. Managed by Asociación DUAL this pioneering initiative, first of its kind in the country is part of the Comprehensive Urgent Care Program for families in need.

Merc@DUAL Solidario has its own web page accessible both by computer and mobile.

Merc@DUAL solidario will assign a weekly credit in the form of points. You will then be able to exchange these points for products; It is as simple as this:

  1. Enter the Merc@DUAL Solidario website through your mobile or computer. www.mercadual.com
  2. Select the products you would like to purchase and place in your shopping basket.
  3. Pay for the purchase with the points you have been given.
  4. Please select day and time when you will come to pick up your shopping.

Terms of Service

You must comply with two simple rules:

  • You will only be able to perform a weekly shop and you must use your full weekly balance of points.
  • Please feel free to shop from Saturday to Thursday. Pick up will be from Monday to Friday the following week.
  • If you fail to pick up your order three times in a row, you will be unsubscribed form Merc@DUAL.

Please note that there is a limit to the number of products you can buy. This can be either due to lack of stock or due to a limitation regarding the number of members of you coexisting unite.


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